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fundraisers & SCHOOL EVENTS

We offer you the most FUN and EASY way to raise funds for your school, cause, or organization.

All you need to do is promote your event, and hire us to attend.

We will show up, freeze brains, and at the end of the event we will donate back to you a portion of our sales.

Easy Peasy!

Jamie Cohen,

GRE PTA VP of Programming

"Thank you so much for participating in Gator Run Elementary's Family Fun Day. Zombie Ice was a huge success! You provided wonderful and polite service to all the families. There was a constant line of people wanting to taste your delicious and refreshing ice. It was great to see the large variety of flavors and different sizes you had to offer. This makes Zombie Ice unique compared to other companies. We also loved your decorative truck!

We look forward to seeing you again at future Gator Run events!"