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Zombie Ice Foam Party

experiential marketing

• 79% of brands are expected to increase their annual spending on experiential marketing 

• Nearly 80% saw a return on investment of 3:1 or more for each branding event 

• 81% of brands who used experiential marketing created brand awareness or saw their brand awareness increase 

• 62% said consumers gained greater product knowledge as a result of their event 

• 57% developed deeper consumer involvement 


Generate Sales and Leads 


• 79% of companies surveyed said experiential marketing helped them increase sales 

• 74% of consumers surveyed said they were more likely to purchase a company’s product or service after interacting with an experiential marketing campaign 


Consumers Can Experience Products With Their Senses 


• Experiential marketing allows consumers to feel, touch, taste, hear and smell a product 

• Shoppers are more likely to buy food and beverages if they can sample them before purchasing 

• Incentives such as coupons can also help consumers experience with their senses 


Allows Brands to Interact Directly With Consumers 


• Experiential marketing gives consumers the chance to directly interact with people at their favorite brands 

• A positive person-to-person interaction is much more likely to stick in consumers’ minds and keep them returning 

• Our Party Truck is a State of the Art unit to make sure to cause an impact on the target audience


Helps Brands Convey Their Values and Mission 


• Consumers are more likely to feel loyal to a brand when they share values 

• Experiential marketing creates a captive audience waiting to absorb a brand’s message through a set of tactile experiences 

• Conveying values through words and experiences makes them more memorable 

 Fun Corporate Activities are another way a Brand can reach their goal.



Las Vegas night
Cirque du soleil meet up
Cirque Du Soleil Crystal Van
Amaluna cast

Zombie Ice was more than a straightforward partner; Carlos became a full-fledged member of “Team CRYSTAL”, and enjoyed our full confidence in him representing the Cirque du Soleil brand in 15 markets.


His creativity, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm for the product made for some very effective #cirqueway activations, all of which generated positive brand association (and many smiles). The best part about working with Carlos was that he truly is a people-person, and whenever faced with a challenge, he is able to troubleshoot with grace and professionalism.






  • Regional and national audiences 

  • Personal engagement with audience

  • Collateral distribution

  • Experiential marketing teams offer general brand exposure and can target demographic and geographic audiences 

  • Strategically place teams based on pedestrian traffic 

  •  Branded experience through costumed and choreographed activations 

  • Combine experiential marketing teams with branded assets for macro/micro marketing power

  • Infiltrate pedestrian or event crowds with call-to-action messaging 

  • Showcase products, apps, shows and attractions through tablet-based demonstration 

  • Complement event staffing with Experiential Marketing teams

  • Utilize engaging equipment to bring value to the audience and gather data 

  • Immerse the audience into the world of the brand thru integrative activities

  • Experiential Marketing Teams can interact with the audience, start conversations, inform and make suggestions on entertainment, dining and other experiences. 

  • Hashtag creation and promotion in order to rank in the top posts for that hashtag

  • Social contests and activities to achieve a higher rate of engagement from the audience.

  • Realtime video integration of the audience during activations

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