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We believe in creating unforgettable, joy-filled memories with every Party Experience!

Zombie Ice is the Home of The Happiness Experience!​ We evolved and shifted from an award winning Dessert Truck to a Mobile Experiential Marketing Machine working with the biggest name in entertainment, to a total safe Party on Wheels during the pandemic, bringing Happiness to families during those dark times when social gathering was not allowed.

We offer the ultimate premium party truck in South Florida, bringing a one-of-a-kind experience right to your doorstep. Our exclusive ZombieTruck features unparalleled entertainment options such as Foam Parties.

Whether it's a birthday party, employee or tenant appreciation day, corporate picnic, school fun day or summer camp, let us deliver the fun and excitement directly to your event!

With our cutting-edge offerings, your celebration is guaranteed to be unique and full of joy. Book now and experience the ZombieIce magic!

About Us


ZombieTruck FOAM Experience

A FOAM party Experience on wheels!



Zombie Ice did an incredible job for our son's 7th Birthday! Snow, Foam, Snowball fight, CO2 Canon, Snowman, Photobooth.. the kids kept saying, there's more??? They had an absolute BLAST. What a memorable birthday! The fun kept on coming!

Carrie Darling

  • Are you the Bubble Truck ?
    Nope ! We are NOT the Bubble Truck. We are a hybrid concept that, aside from the various Experiences we offer, you can have a foam party directly from our ZombieTruck without needing anything from you, OR we can have our portable set up in any place you would like and that a vehicle can't reach, as long as we can have access to a 3 prong electrical outlet and a water source.
  • What is the difference between an add-on Foam Party and a stand-alone Foam Party?
    An add-on Foam Party MUST to be attached to a main Party Experience. It can be a 30 minute foam add-on or a 60 minute foam add-on, and it has to be done from the ZombieTruck. Also, an add-on Foam Party does NOT add time to the main Party Experience. So, if your original Party Experience lasts 1 hour, adding a 30 minute foam party add-on to it will not make it 1 hour and 30 minutes, it will still be 60 minutes long and the add-on foam will be performed within those 60 minutes. A stand-alone Foam Party does NOT need to be attached to another Party Experience. It can be a 1 hour, 2 hour or 3 hour Experience. It can be done from the ZombieTruck, or it can be done in any back yard, front yard, side yard, or wherever you would like, and a vehicle can't access. The stand-alone Foam Party DOES add time if you also decide to get another Party Experience. So, if you get a 1 hour Party Experience, and a 1 hour stand-alone Foam Party, your total party time will be 2 hours.
  • Can we have a ZombieIce Party Experience at a park?
    There are many parks, and they can be city parks, county parks and state parks, each one with different sets of rules and requirements . You will need to ask the park you are thinking in having your Experience at if they would allow us in. We can supply a Certificate of Insurance naming them as additional insured. We are also approved by Broward County Parks and Palm Beach County Parks as preferred vendors, however, we can perform our regular Experiences in them, but we are not allowed to do our foam parties in them because they do not allow water based attractions. Other parks have no issues with foam parties. So it is very important that you ask them first. If we get to a park and we are not allowed in, or are told to leave while doing an Experience by the park staff, we will have to do so, and there will be no refund given.
  • What is your cancellation policy ?
    At Zombie Ice Parties, we understand that plans can change and that sometimes it may be necessary to adjust your party reservation. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy is as follows: ​ Orders can be cancelled for a full refund up to 48 hours before the scheduled party date. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled party date will not be eligible for a refund. However, customers can reschedule their party to a later date with no additional fee. If a party is rescheduled one time, it can no longer be cancelled, but it is eligible to be rescheduled again. Our Party Experiences are rain or shine, unless there is a major weather event. In the case of a major weather event, we will work with the customer to reschedule the party experience. In case of any other unforeseen circumstances, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. ​ We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our cancellation and rescheduling policy.
  • What is your set up process ?
    If you are having a regular Party Experience that is done directly from the ZombieTruck, including an add-on foam party, we will arrive exactly at the time of the party, with our sirens blazing and we will start the Experience right away. We have everything ready to go as soon as we arrive. If you have reserved a stand-alone Foam Party and it will be done away from the ZombieTruck, we will arrive around 30 minutes before the party time, so we can asses where the best location would be and make sure the electrical outlet and water source will be perfect for our equipment set up.
  • Can we hold a date until we decide if we want to go ahead and reserve an Experience?
    We are not able to hold dates. All our reservations are done directly online and they are on a first come, first served basis. If you see that the date and time you want is available, we suggest you reserve it on the spot, because there is no guarantee that it will be available when you come back later. We have seen this happen again and again and there is nothing much that can be done about it. If the date and time you want are not available, you can add your name to our waitlist and we will do our best to try and accommodate you, but we can't guarantee that we will be able to.


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